Regulation B&B Elclacà



This writing represents the regulations of the "B&B Elclacà" located in Via Catalogna vic. A, n°7.


- On arrival, after settling in, it is necessary to show a valid identification document (for foreigners a valid residence permit and/or passport) after cancellation of the booking.

- The acceptance of the room by the guest implies the acceptance of the present regulation which is an integral and substantial part of the reservation.


The service is at total charge of the manager and includes:

- The cleaning of the premises;

- The cleaning of the rooms; the bathroom and bed linen and the change of the same, which is usually done every three nights; in case of particular circumstances or on request of the guest, the change of the linen will have an additional cost of Euro 15,00.

- The daily cleaning of the rooms is carried out every day before 12.00 and only if the room is free.


The room is freely accessible to guests for breakfast, leisure, reading and computer connections.


Room ELEONORA (orange):

Capacity: Double bed

Bathroom: Private en suite with shower

Entertainment: TV in room with DGTV

Air conditioning: Air conditioner with heat pump hot - cold

Room CLAUDIA (lilac):

Capacity: Double bed

Bathroom: En-suite with shower

Entertainment: TV in room with DGTV

Air conditioning: Air conditioner with heat pump hot - cold

Room CARMINE (light blue):

Capacity: Double bed

Bathroom: Private with shower

Entertainment: TV in room with DGTV

Air conditioning: Hot and cold heat pump air conditioner

The rooms are independently connected to the electricity network with a standard device;

The supply of hot water in the rooms is ensured by solar panel.


Breakfast is served from 8.00 to 10.00.

- It is forbidden to disturb the other guests with noisy behaviour;

- It is forbidden to smoke inside the rooms and common areas of the B&B;

- It is forbidden to prepare and/or consume meals inside the rooms;

- It is forbidden to introduce alcohol, weapons, drugs. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of the booking and removal from the premises;

- It is forbidden to hold parties in the room;

- It is forbidden to introduce other people into the premises of the b&b without having informed the manager;

- It is forbidden to sublet or give on loan, in whole or in part, the room or flat, under penalty of termination of the reservation;

- It is forbidden to make any changes, innovations, improvements or additions to the leased premises and their destination, the existing facilities, and furnishings without the prior written consent of the manager. As for any improvements and additions that were carried out even with the tolerance of the manager, the latter will be entitled to retain them without the obligation to pay compensation or compensation of any kind, expressly waiving the guest from now on. Otherwise, the guest will be obliged - at the simple request of the manager, even during the stay - to restore the property at his own expense;

- It is forbidden to depreciate the walls, change the composition of the furniture; in short, it is mandatory to leave theIt is forbidden to deprecate the walls, change the composition of the furniture; in short, it is obligatory to leave the room and the other premises as delivered (as described in the Civil Code articles 1571 and following);

- The guest expressly exonerates the manager from any liability for direct or indirect damages that may arise from the negligent interruption of services;

- The guest declares that he has visited the room or building and found it suitable for the agreed use and to take it over for all purposes with the withdrawal of the keys, constituting from that moment the same custodian.

- The guest undertakes to return the "rented" property in the same condition in which he received it, except for the deterioration of use, under penalty of damages.

- The guest undertakes to comply with the building regulations, of which he declares that he is aware.

- In any case, it is forbidden for guests to perform acts or behave in such a way as to cause nuisance to other residents of the building.

- The manager is entirely responsible for the expenses - as long as they exist - related to the cleaning service and all utilities (such as electricity and water).

- The manager declines all civil and criminal liability for acts committed by guests or for not complying with these regulations in all their parts.

- These regulations are valid immediately.



- A booking request can be made by: telephone and email.

- If the proposal provided by the Manager meets the applicant's requirements, details will be sent to proceed with confirmation.

Deposit and balance:

- A deposit of 50% of the total amount is required, to be paid in the manner provided in the proposal;

-The remainder of the balance, excluding any extras, will be paid in cash, directly to the manager, upon your arrival. The property is not organised for payment by credit card, cheque or other means.


- After receiving the deposit, you will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation with the date of arrival and departure.

- If the arrival time is different from the one you have communicated, please inform the B&B directly on the numberto inform directly the B&B at the number 346-0521638 or 334-9442680.


-In case of cancellation of the reservation:

- Up to 10 days before the expected date of arrival, we will return the full amount of the deposit;

- Less than 10 days before the arrival date, we will retain 50% of the deposit.

- If we are forced to cancel the reservation, we will notify you immediately and offer you alternative accommodation with similar characteristics. In the event that we are unable to find accommodation to your liking, our B&B will return the entire deposit.

- In the event that the guest has to leave the room before the end of the stay, the sums previously paid will not be reimbursed, except for valid reasons demonstrable as provided by the civil code.

- We will not take into consideration requests for reimbursement that are received after the completion of the period of stay at our B&B.


For anything not expressly stated, please refer to the Civil Code and all current State, Regional and Local regulations.

The Manager